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 Loot rules

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PostSubject: Loot rules   Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:28 pm

- Everytime you lose a roll for a mainspecc item you will get one of something we will call Cookies, you have to need the item for your roll to count (no rolling cause you want cookies)

- The one with most cookies that rolls will get the item and their cookies will be reset to 0

- There are tier cookies and normal cookies, they wont be counted together.

- Cookies only work in Ulduar, Onyxia and equal/above. All cookies will be counted as equal to all of these

- You cant save cookies for better loot cause you can only gain a good amount of cookies by rolling and if you have the most cookies you will win :p

- Duelspecc and alts are counted equal, you can get items without loosing your cookies to these two, but there is some conditions, you are willing to use your offspecc/alt on demand by raid and guild leader and none else wants the item.

- Extra cookies will be given to the busy bee's, no set amount but you can get a puny amount extra if you attend none cookie raids (naxx,os,eoe,funruns) and add needed items to the gb (fishfeast and ingidience, flask/pots)
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Loot rules
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