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 Meiyra-Retri Paladin

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PostSubject: Meiyra-Retri Paladin   Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:20 am

Name: Meiyra
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Country: Netherlands
Char.: Human Paladin

Why I want to join Lick:

I started off with this char on the Burning Legion server (pvp) as a couple of RL friends were leveling there. When we hit 80 we soon started to notice that the server wasn't all what we expected so we migrated to Earthen Ring (Because some of my real life friends had their mains here).
I tried to gear up here and that went pretty fast, but I'm now searching for a progressing raiding guild with a fun atmosphere but isn't too far yet. As I'd still love to see Ulduar.
And I hope to one day enter ICC with a fun but not too serious guild that will still have it's mind set to progression.

Previous raid experience:

I started off in TBC as an Undead Warlock, which I leveled al the way up to 70, with which I did some of the regular raids, that being Karazhan/Gruul.
As explained above I leveled this char with a bunch of RL friends, through the Recruit a Friend system. I started to gear up pretty fast and done most of the starting raids through PUG's, Ony, Naxx, sarth and VoA. One of my RL friends is in more of a top-guild on the ER server and I learned a lot of fights through him by having a look whenever he's raiding, this means that I know the basics of most ulduar/ToTC fights and that way I learn really fast.

Why whould I be accepted?

As explained above I would love to start raiding ulduar and so forth. I'm a fast learner and will stay focused throughout the entire raid. Always come on time, with the required knowledge for the upcoming fights, with flasks and potions.
I got acces to Ventrilo, got a mic and can talk if needed, and ofcourse the basic addon's that are needed for raiding (ora2, DBM, Omen, pallypower).

My UI is currently just the basic blizzard UI, with various keybindings. I also tend to check elitistjerks a lot, a great way to learn about your class.
My retribution spec will be changed, (5 points out of deflection into Pursuit of Justice for the 8% walking speed boost and the remaining points in the intellect boost).
I'm still working on my holy set and messing around with the spec, this will be changed to a more suitable spec aswell.

(note that I took the same template as Miyaki, hes a RL friend after all Smile )

Hope to hear from you,

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PostSubject: Re: Meiyra-Retri Paladin   Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:39 am

Hi there, thanks for your application.
We been looking into getting some more melee dps and we are very proud of Miyaki so we will accept your application and you are welcome as a recruit of Lick
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Meiyra-Retri Paladin
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