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 The bank!

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PostSubject: The bank!   Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:54 am

What and when can you take from the guldbank
Some materials are special, these can only be taken in special cases.
Flasks, flowers: Can only be taken to make flasks for the guildbank or for members/yourself when raiding with Lick/badlick
Enchanting materials: Can only be taken when used to enchant yourself/other raiding members or buying enchants that others/you need with shards.
Fishfeasts, fish that is used to make fishfeast: Can only be taken to use in runs with lick/badlick or to make more fishfeast for the bank.
Epic gear/gems: Should only be taken if they are ment to be used by your raiding characters (unless its a resilience one).
Note these are materials we really need in Lick, for Lick and our raiding experience, none of these materials should be used to level your profession or for others groups/people.

So far everything has been free and I think we going to keep it that way, however the thought is that if you take something you give something, not saying you have to put something in there right away but when you got it, a gold, 10 golds, a shard, a glyph, whatever you have that you have no use for but others might have. Please dont fill it up with junk you are sure noone ever is going to use.

Full bank
When its starts to be to much of something in there, stuff that people bring in but noone ever takes out, i will start trying to sell it off and put the golds in the bank once they are sold.

Limited access
You probably notice that you have a limited access to the bank, doesnt mean you cant get stuff anyways however, just talk to guildmaster or officers and we will get it out for you

If you want you can borrow gold from the bank, but you have to give it back, if your alts/main aint higher than a lick fan, you cant borrow any money, you have to gain some trust first.
You get free golds from the bank when you use it to enchant/make flasks and such for the raiding members of Lick
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The bank!
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