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 About Lick

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PostSubject: About Lick   Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:14 pm

And so it begins.
Dark was the sky and chill was the wind as the land was ruled by a evil force.
The people cried out for a savior, a noble soul to save them for their imminent demise.

Just as it seamed that all was lost, in strode a mighty druid clad in shivering leather from head to toe,
wielding a terrible staff he did cleave his foes in two, smashing their ranks a sunder with feral fury.

And when the day was done the enemies was in pieces, the people did turn to the hero and said
"We shall name this day in your honor speak upon us your wisdom"
And the druid said one word that day...LICK!

Ah yes welcome to Lick, we are a casual hardcore raid guild focusing on the 10man scene.
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About Lick
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